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Frequently asked questions
No-code refers to a collection of apps that allow you to develop digital services without having to write code.
What are monthly credits and how do I use them?
Every month, as part of your plan, you’re allocated ‘credits’ rather than hours. Why does it work like this? Well, we charge based on the complexity of the work, rather than the time it takes - which we feel is better value for both parties.

Need a quick banner or title update? You shouldn’t need to pay for the standard minimum of 1 hour you’ll be charged for by most agencies.

But we aren’t most agencies. If the task is difficult, you’ll pay more credits; if it’s straightforward, you’ll pay fewer credits.

Credits last for up to 12 months, so feel free to save them up for something really complicated!
What does no-code mean?
Building interactive things on the internet, historically, required at least some knowledge of code. That's changing, thanks to tools that allow anyone to create these interactive things without any coding knowledge.

Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt, calls these "no code tools"—and he's not alone. The term is catching on among tech enthusiasts, and slowly breaking into the mainstream. Apps built using no-code tools are showing up on Product Hunt every day, according to Hoover. That's changing the way the internet works.

"It's not just engineers that can build something useful on the internet," he told us. "It really could be anyone."
Even, it turns out, someone with no clue what they're doing.
Will my no-code solution be bespoke?
Our company works according to the principle of an individual approach for every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks of any level - providing custom solutions for all clients based on their unique commercial needs.
Can I do this myself?
Maybe - probably - we’re not sure! We haven’t met you (yet), but it’s possible, with enough time, learning and experience. Arrange a chat with us if you have some technical skills in-house and are looking for discovery/consultancy rather than full implementation, and we can help.
Is your team in-house or outsourced?
We have an in-house team of designers, developers, content writers and project managers, all with a diverse range of skills they bring to our no-code projects.
Do you offer ongoing support?
We most certainly do. From an ad hoc/project approach to a monthly retainer setup, we have a range of support packages available to you to ensure you’re getting the ongoing support you need.
Are project quotes fixed in price?
We provide you with a fixed price based on the project scope, but we completely understand that requirements can evolve and grow throughout a project. Where we can cater for this, we will, as this flexibility is one of the key benefits of no-code development.

If the scope completely changes, we will let you know at that time and discuss the available options.
Are we tied to NoCode Labs?
Not in any way. We’ll always be here for ongoing support and updates should you wish to hang around but, once your project has been delivered, you’re free to either manage the application yourself or engage another agency or developer.
What no-code tools do you use?
We have various tools in our no-code toolkit, but the ones we’ll use for your solution are entirely dependent on the requirements of the project. Bubble is a popular choice, but there are many - and we’ll present our recommended tools to you at the end of the discovery phase of your project.
Who owns the intellectual property for my app?
All work created as part of your project is yours - we do not retain IP ownership.
Where is your team based?
‘Up North’ in Sunderland, Tyne-and-Wear in the United Kingdom.
Why shouldn’t I just use freelancers for my project?
Making use of freelancers is a completely viable option, although entirely dependent on your time availability and experience.
Can I see examples of past work?
We have some case studies available online, which you can find on our dedicated Case Studies page. Many of our customers prefer us not to share our work as these are their products, we respect this.
Will I be assigned a dedicated point of contact?
Yes - you’ll be allocated one dedicated account manager who’ll guide you through the project, in addition to the project team who will work to create your custom no-code solution.